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Last comments


0865556885 or +61865556885

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-06
There are 219 complaints about spam on this phone number.


0865556887 or +61865556887

Dean * commented 2020-07-06
I want to know the reason for the call from this number unknown to me, but I'm not going to call back


0361220491 or +61361220491

Paul * commented 2020-07-06
I just want to find out whose number it is, because I found a missed call on my phone from this number


0380018022 or +61380018022

Phill * commented 2020-07-06
This number just called me, but I did not have time to answer this call. I called back after 2 minutes, but an automatic voice said that this number is not serviced, how can it be?


0383738692 or +61383738692

Malcolm * commented 2020-07-06
This number called and hung up before I could answer, I did not call back because I do not know who it is, therefore I am looking for information about the owner of this number


0490773945 or +61490773945

Georgia Sgroi commented 2020-07-06
Trying to fraud my 9 year old daughter over the phone... telling her over the phone to get my credit card out of my handbag and give them my credit numbers and three pin code on the back as they needed $5,000 to pay back the ATO as we have unpaid taxes.. This Indian women we believe is Involved with fraud Criminal crime activity. She calls us everyday from these different phone and mobile numbers, she says het name is Georgia from NSW working for the ATO office. She does not work for the ATO.


0431174199 or +61431174199

Jo commented 2020-07-06
Contact crisis


0416381058 or +61416381058

Frankie commented 2020-07-06
I got a missed call from this number,but when i called it back it could not be connected,suspecting this is a scam number +61416381058


0551376844 or +61551376844

عجال محمد commented 2020-07-05


0488810068 or +61488810068

Arthur * commented 2020-07-05
I do not know what this number is, but it certainly does not belong to any of those I know. Therefore I ignore these calls