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0280490831 or +61280490831

Oliver * commented 2020-06-14
Fraudsters. Just don’t pick up the phone.


0451772316 or +61451772316

Richard commented 2020-06-13
Scam (phishing) TEXT message re. Apple ID.


0295929962 or +61295929962

mike commented 2020-06-13
Just received a Robo call from this number claiming to be from amazon prime. telling me that I was about to be charged for a service. Interestingly enough I do not have an amazon service or account, and I can find no means for contacting amazon on the internet.


0261811508 or +61261811508

Werdan * commented 2020-06-13
Constant calls at night and silence in the receiver.


0732140635 or +61732140635

Giacomo * commented 2020-06-13
They called me, I did not have time to answer the call. Whose number is this?


0386139353 or +61386139353

bavlost * commented 2020-06-13
Someone called and asked for money, my friend said. This is a lie.


0733611372 or +61733611372

Ethan * commented 2020-06-13
Why do they call in the evening, and when you call back, no one wants to talk.


0286294004 or +61286294004

Nonna * commented 2020-06-13
I want information about the owner of this number.


0390060157 or +61390060157

Anthony * commented 2020-06-12
I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, but this number continues to call me 3-5 times a day


0280702203 or +61280702203

Eugene * commented 2020-06-12
There are 80 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Telstra Spam".


0386090649 or +61386090649

John * commented 2020-06-12
There are 1078 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Simply Energy Spam".


0293044380 or +61293044380

Laurence * commented 2020-06-12
There are 243 complaints about spam on this phone number.


0390383887 or +61390383887

Satan Claus * commented 2020-06-12
There are 314 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Hp Australia".


0399025508 or +61399025508

Steve M commented 2020-06-12
Message from this number claims to be the CommBank with a security alert. That is false and therefore a scam.


0280745741 or +61280745741 commented 2020-06-12
Even call to Malaysia


0394727671 or +61394727671

Robert commented 2020-06-12
SCAMMERS, same bs as most. ' your tax file blah blah, court proceedings blah blah ' .... They don't appreciate being called out as a scammer. Haha.


0390444116 or +61390444116

Ot commented 2020-06-12
Scam number. Threatening court action over tax claim.


0499628152 or +61499628152

Martín * commented 2020-06-11
Apparently the number is due to a gang of scammers


0283799999 or +61283799999

Angus * commented 2020-06-11
Caller is clearly an inadequate person


0388707000 or +61388707000

Jacob * commented 2020-06-11
Silence in the phone when I answered the call, I do not answer calls from this number anymore