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0386090649 or +61386090649

Lionel * commented 2020-06-16
I don’t understand what that callers need from me?


0293044380 or +61293044380

Anthony * commented 2020-06-16
Got 3 calls yesterday from this number


0390383887 or +61390383887

Catherine * commented 2020-06-16
My identifier on the phone reported that it was spam, so I did not answer the call


0289335032 or +61289335032

Sydney commented 2020-06-16
Automated computer generated voice playing a tape about an arrest warrant. Scam/Fraud. Hang up


0395567736 or +61395567736

Ian commented 2020-06-16
This number robocalled my mobile and when I pushed “1” it was evident it was a scam from something called “Services Australia” that was threatening a case against me, the female operator asked my name but when I said you called me you should know my name she disconnected, total scam.


0295794358 or +61295794358

Tanya commented 2020-06-16
This number called my private home phone number with an automated message saying our Telstra services will be cut off. I tried to call the number and it says it is not connected (again with an automated voice) and then the disconnected sound occurs.


0451579590 or +61451579590

Kim commented 2020-06-16
This phone number sent me a text saying my Apple ID account has been restricted and to click on the link to verify details . Yet I used my account after this message and it was fine . Guessing some scammer has the number . Be careful if you get this text as well .


0459563553 or +61459563553

Karmacamillion commented 2020-06-15
Christopher ian skinner 22/11/1985 Mackay, qld 4740


0895376558 or +61895376558

Matthew * commented 2020-06-15
This number calls me every day, but I don’t answer, because I'm sure it’s scam or spam calls


0381037316 or +61381037316

Howard * commented 2020-06-15
What do you all need from me?


0383834900 or +61383834900

Amanda * commented 2020-06-15
Calls from this number are like telemarketing.


0422930015 or +61422930015

Jason * commented 2020-06-15
Should I answer the call if this number is unknown to me?


0439834000 or +61439834000

Barth * commented 2020-06-15
The robot that called me informed me of an invitation to work in China.


0459384430 or +61459384430

Georg L commented 2020-06-15
This number keeps sending me spam SMS- heading FONE DIARY


0451559139 or +61451559139

Anon commented 2020-06-15
SMS saying "Apple ID" payment restricted... Phone ID'd as "potential fraud"


0410710747 or +61410710747

Norina commented 2020-06-15
I received a call from this number and on answering there was a recorded message in Chinese. So have blocked this number on my mobile.


0499628152 or +61499628152

Erick * commented 2020-06-14
This number called me at night, woke me, who was it?


0283799999 or +61283799999

Sarah Blare * commented 2020-06-14
I want to know who owns this phone number.


0388707000 or +61388707000

Hill Thomas * commented 2020-06-14
I missed a call from this number, but did not call back.


0731933275 or +61731933275

Calbert * commented 2020-06-14
If you call back to this number, they will withdraw money from the account. Do not do this ever, do not call back to unknown numbers.