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0381037316 or +61381037316

Andrew * commented 2020-06-23
I found 6 missed calls from this number on my phone, but I don’t know who called and I don’t want to call back, maybe it's scammers


0383834900 or +61383834900

Carry * commented 2020-06-23
Silent call, who and why is unknown


0422930015 or +61422930015

Anthony * commented 2020-06-23
This is a scam. They talk about tax refunds and want to get hold of your personal information. Do not believe!


0439834000 or +61439834000

Lesley * commented 2020-06-23
Calls from this number have been ongoing since the end of last year, I basically do not answer


0480079030 or +61480079030

Anonymous commented 2020-06-23
Someone called me but didn't say anything, just silence so i hung up


0233944162 or +61233944162

Kim commented 2020-06-23
SPAM fake no. Telemarketeer marketeer


0449678469 or +61449678469

anonymous commented 2020-06-23
was contacted on a dating site by this person to chat by phone to get to know each other. however, he made excuses, was never available to talk, was in between work, said he would call at a particular time then did not. Followed up several days later and was abused and harrassed by misogynistic, vitriolic, foul language "rejecting" me, over several messages. It felt like a set up by a sociopath who enjoys attacking women anonymously. Beware of this cr**p!


0281210240 or +61281210240

Ean commented 2020-06-23
Call ctrl wanting me to invest my cash & earn fast money...


0262629575 or +61262629575

Friendly Aussie commented 2020-06-23
I think this is a scam number pretending to be from the Dept of Home Affairs Australia.


0498440626 or +61498440626

Lorraine commented 2020-06-23
These people have left a message which is partly in Chinese. I am not game to call them back.


0404801060 or +61404801060

Martin * commented 2020-06-22
Spam call in Chinese, I didn’t understand anything, just blocked this number


0409741033 or +61409741033

Sean * commented 2020-06-22
Silent call and then hung up


0411443823 or +61411443823

Lynda * commented 2020-06-22
This number calls today all day and is always silent when I answer


0417159392 or +61417159392

Laurence * commented 2020-06-22
Inexplicable calls at an inconvenient time from this number


0429905090 or +61429905090

Hannah * commented 2020-06-22
Called and hangs up, in the hope that I will callback, look for other fools elsewhere.


0262681735 or +61262681735

Phil Baker commented 2020-06-22
Called with recorded message using text to speak software claiming to be the department of home affairs and that I had an arrest warrant under my name.


0262471055 or +61262471055

Adrian Lim commented 2020-06-22
Got a call this morning, 22nd June 2020, from this number in Canberra. It was an activated voice message ( from the machine ) saying that there is a fraud committed. Upon hearing this word, Fraud, I just hang up. There are too many of such calls and scams nowadays.


0480022840 or +61480022840

quadres * commented 2020-06-21
If you are asked to provide information about your credit card, do not respond. Only scammers do this.


0488828018 or +61488828018

Nolan * commented 2020-06-21
Spam number. Do not pick up the phone.


0488828403 or +61488828403

Sing * commented 2020-06-21
I blacklisted this because they tricked many people. Caution.