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0888240992 or +61888240992

jarx commented 2020-07-10
61888240992 is "Nicole from the NBN" BS robocall.... hang right up Anytime there is a time lag until the robocall starts indicates just that, a robocall, so just hang up.


0467716586 or +61467716586

Tj commented 2020-07-10


0412505134 or +61412505134

MR S M ARCHER commented 2020-07-10
Whomever the idiot is that has control of this number...STOP MAKING THREATS TO MY 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!! Would be best for you that I don't find out who you are...!!!!


0488810068 or +61488810068

Martin * commented 2020-07-09
There are 97 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Global Shop Direct".


0488828013 or +61488828013

Ewan * commented 2020-07-09
There are 133 complaints about spam on this phone number.


0488833933 or +61488833933

Mary * commented 2020-07-09
There are 276 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Spam Insurance".


0488862354 or +61488862354

Joseph * commented 2020-07-09
There are 79 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Lendi".


0730779308 or +61730779308

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-09
There are254 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Electricity Spam".


0756361572 or +61756361572

Rasil Tripura commented 2020-07-09
May i got a call today since morning in Bangladesh. But i have no received this call. so i want to know who is the number holder are +61756361572. I am from Bangladesh. email:


0460240798 or +61460240798

David commented 2020-07-09
scam claims to be DHL


0411898790 or +61411898790

FRAUD - States it's the ATO - it's not commented 2020-07-09
I received a call from this number which the automated voice said the ATO have put my TFN on hold due to fraud. 'please press 1 to speak to someone'. I rang the number from a land line. It is not the ATO


0411647706 or +61411647706

Roger * commented 2020-07-08
I don’t know whose number it is and why they called me. It's very interesting for me, because it's nobody on other side


0434058449 or +61434058449

Paul * commented 2020-07-08
This seems to be insurance scam


0480025380 or +61480025380

Levi * commented 2020-07-08
This is spam, if you do not want to waste your time do not respond


0480092761 or +61480092761

Frank * commented 2020-07-08
How can this be, on my cell phone a few missed from this number, but I have not heard a single call?


0731234160 or +61731234160

Satan Claus * commented 2020-07-08
There are 527 complaints about spam on this phone number.



kris commented 2020-07-08
Latitude finance/ insurance


0730403001 or +61730403001

Mickey commented 2020-07-07
I have this number through Skype but Pacifica Developments (New Farm, QLD) has it listed on their website and even though I asked them to remove it they haven't. I get calls for them frequently. One caller said he thought the company was a scam.


0478734288 or +61478734288

Katelyn Dicinoski commented 2020-07-07
They are sending my phone number rude messages and won’t tell me who they are and won’t stop messaging me even after ignoring them and sending creepy messages


0478752353 or +61478752353

Mark commented 2020-07-07
Recorded chinese scam, played twice and hung up